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Case Study – John Liaropolous


How Strategic Wealth Helped Specialist Services Diversify Business While Minimising Risks

Meet John Liaropolous, an ambitious entrepreneur who co-founded Specialist Services, an electrical air conditioning business, nearly 20 years ago. Over the years, the business has expanded from domestic and commercial electrical work to high-end home automation, partnering with big players like Kmart, Aldi, and Coles. Today, with a team of over 25 staff members, his company has a strong presence in New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria, focusing on providing clients with high-standard installation services.

John met Nick Moustacas, the founder of Strategic Wealth Management, through a mutual friend before starting the business. Impressed by Nick’s knowledge of trusts, John felt confident in partnering with him to structure their startup plan. With a solid foundation in place, the business began to gain momentum, and as the projects rolled in, they slowly expanded their team and established an office interstate.

A trusting partnership

John has always appreciated the level of trust, comfort, and understanding he found in his relationship with Strategic Wealth. The accounting firm’s team members have helped him comprehend the intricacies of trusts and investments, ultimately leading to better business decisions.

“If you sit down with Nick or Seven [Wang] or various people [at Strategic Wealth] they can certainly help you understand the benefits and step you through the process,” John says. “I had a high level of understanding when we finished talking that first day, and I was in my early 20s. It made me start changing my own strategies.”

Comprehensive services

Strategic Wealth provides a wide range of services for the business, including quarterly reviews of operations, tax planning, and financial management. As the core business has grown and diversified into building developments and specialised unit trusts, Strategic Wealth has helped John navigate the complexities of managing multiple revenue streams and optimising financial performance.

A strong team

As both businesses have evolved, so has their partnership. John has developed a close friendship with Nick, and he appreciates the excellent team Nick has built at Strategic Wealth. John particularly values his relationship with Seven, one of the key accountants who oversees his business’s financial operations. The open and responsive communication ensures that John always has access to the guidance and expertise he needs.

Strategic impact

Strategic Wealth has had a significant impact on John’s business by implementing tax-effective strategies, optimising operational efficiencies, and providing long-term planning. Their attention to detail has helped John make informed decisions, even when it comes to timing property sales to minimise capital gains tax.

“The team that he has is second to none. We are blessed to have Seven [one of the key accountants] there who helps us. I deal with Seven on an almost weekly basis, to be honest. The fact that I can pick up the phone and have his direct number is huge. If they miss my call, they get back to me quickly.”

“It’s phenomenal what you can achieve”

John describes Strategic Wealth as a professional outfit with great customer service and a wealth of knowledge. He has a high level of confidence in their ability to support his business, and he appreciates their dedication to staying informed on the latest industry developments.

“[Strategic Wealth has] certainly had an impact on my business. We have quarterly meetings so we can put things in play that maximise our efficiencies. We’ll look at strategies to make things tax effective. That even goes down to property, to selling the property in the right financial year so we’re not overlaying with capital gains tax. It’s phenomenal what you can achieve.”

A testament to collaboration

Strategic Wealth’s expertise has also helped John’s business transition from MYOB to Xero, providing valuable support and guidance throughout the process. John has found that Xero’s clarity and accessibility have made financial management easier for his team, and the ongoing support from Strategic Wealth has been invaluable.

John’s thriving electrical air conditioning business is a testament to the power of collaboration and a strong partnership with a trusted accounting firm like Strategic Wealth. With their support, John has been able to grow and diversify his business, while minimising risks and optimising financial performance.

“Strategic Wealth helped structure the business. Their professionalism should be noted. Their depth of knowledge about Xero is amazing.”

John Liaropolous

Specialist SVS

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